Announcements for the All Lutheran Reformation Service

The service is scheduled for 27 August at the Showground in Pretoria at 10 o’clock. As agreed between the bishops of all Lutheran churches participating, bishop Horst Müller from the ELCSA (N-T) will hold the sermon while other Bishops will lead parts of the liturgy (the FELSISA will doing the opening part of the liturgy).

Some youth- and women’s league members will participate in the general prayer. Guests of honor will have the opportunity to say words of greetings at the end of the service. There will be procession before the service. Also the joint brass band will play before the service starts. Therefore it will be good if guests will be seated at around 9 to 9:30.

There should be lots of parking available as personnel is geared up to host mass-events. No food will be served but water should be available on the premises. Events are video-recorded by a TV station as well as by a private company.

As so many other denominations commemorate the events of Reformation, we are glad that also the Lutheran voice can be public witness for our society. We ask God’s blessings for Sunday’s service.