Dear St Paul’s Church

Dear St Paul’s Church

 All Burn Survivors are Heroes – battling through their own difficult emotional and physical daily struggles that few others in society understand.

Burn Survivors are easily shunned by others due to their physical appearance, and not given the opportunities or support they so desperately need and deserve.

By creating the Non-Profit Sec 21 Company – Hero Burn Foundation 2012/152187/08 (NPO124-379), we created a platform through which Burn Heroes can reach out and Support other Burn Survivors.

The main objective of the Hero Burn Foundation is to Support Burn Survivors and their Families in need where possible & even more important, to Create Burn Awareness. By creating a Support Structure for Burn Survivors and their Families and lending support where possible with Financial and Emotional Struggles, we believe this will not only speed up the physical wounds but will also help in healing the deeper unseen scars.

The generous donation and support given by ST PAUL’S CURCH of R15,000.00 and R3,988.93 by the Woman of ST PAUL’S CHURCH, will have a great impact on the work that we do and the support given to our Heroes.

Thank You will never be enough.

Currently our Foundation supports over to 320 Burn Survivors of which all are South African Citizens but one Of these Heroes 59% are black, 36% are white and 5% are Indian. We hope we can continue to demonstrate to you that we value your support to our Heroes.

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