Dr. H Hiestermann & Family

Thank you for taking some time to answer these questions. The congregation would love to get to know you, Family Hiestermann a tad better.

We would love some insight, not just into the work that you, Dr. Hiestermann are doing at the LTS, but also Renate what you and the kids are up to.

Let’s kick off with some history. Dr. Hiestermann was raised, baptized and confirmed in the Wittenberg congregation and Renate has come back “home” to Pretoria where she was raised.

Renate give us a little background information as to where you guys met, how long you have been together / married etc.

Renate: We met in 2004 while studying at Tuks when I was a first-year psychology student and Heinz started his studies to become a pastor. After finishing off our degrees at Tuks we got married in January 2007 and moved to Oberursel, Germany where Heinz carried on studying. After finishing his exam in March 2012, he started preparing and researching for his PhD studies. Lotta was born in August 2012 where after we returned to South Africa for the vicarage in Wartburg. Jana was born in August 2014 just before we received our first calling to the Greytown congregation, where we lived until our move to Pretoria in December 2019.

1.         At a stage Dr. Hiestermann, you and I even studied together in the Commerce field at Tukkies. This was before you had the calling to become a Pastor. I am curious and have a bit of a two-pronged question, firstly: Is it really a calling? Or feeling or did something inspire you?

Dr. Hiestermann: I enjoyed studying business management, and I suppose it is something that will always interest me. But I suppose that if God calls you into His service, He will make sure that you do what He wants to.

  • Then the second part of the question: what would your recommendation be to the youth of today, what should be their first step if they feel called to become a pastor?

Dr. Hiestermann: I would recommend that they talk to a pastor they know well and trust for guidance and support.

  1. What are some of the goals that you have for this year at the LTS, that you would love to share with us:

Dr. Hiestermann: I believe that God has called me to the LTS and He will lead the way. My goal is for the students to love Christ above all things, so that they joyfully and faithfully serve the Lord, and through their ministry one day, many people will come to faith and be saved.

  1. Hiestermann what innovation in technology has made the most impact on your life or ministry?

Dr. Hiestermann: Facebook, I guess. As a pastor it helped me to see what people are doing and thinking, and what issues I therefore had to address. It is similar with the students at LTS. At the same time, there are many good and helpful pages on Facebook for pastors. One can read numerous articles on theology as well as practical advice for ministry.

  1. Renate, I reckon settling into a new place and supporting such a beautiful family is a massive undertaking. Keeping it a tad bit on the fun side, if you had one free hour each day, how would you use it?

Renate: Firstly, I’d make myself a cup of coffee and drink it while it is still warm, and secondly (as a huge DIY and craft fan) I would start a project…and actually finish it J

  1. How do you like to be spoiled?

Renate: A day out together with Heinz and the two girls, leaving all responsibilities behind for a few hours and to just enjoy the memories made would be the biggest treat of all.

  1. I know you both have traveled quite a bit, but if you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?

Renate:  Choosing one destination is hard, but I would love to go back to the Netherlands…

Dr. Hiestermann: Norway. I would love to see the fjords.

  1. Could we have a tiny look into the world of your little girls – Lotta & Jana? Have they settled in well here in Pretoria?

Renate: It was a big adjustment for them, coming from a small town, small school and small congregation to a big city, big school and big congregation. I am amazed how quickly children learn a language they have never been confronted with! It is getting easier by the day and slowly but surely, they’re coming out of their shells which is lovely to see.


  1. Can we play something similar to 20 Questions? But I will keep it short – 5 each for both Lotta & Jana
  • How old are you?
    • Lotta: 7
    • Jana: 5
  • What is your favourite colour?
    • Lotta: Purple
    • Jana: Pink
  • Do you have a favourite pudding, sweet or snack?
    • Lotta: Ice cream
    • Jana: Jelly
  • Who is your superhero?
    • Lotta: Barbie
    • Jana: My dad
  • Do you love arts & crafts or making music? OR both?
    • Lotta: Both
    • Jana: Music


  1. Back to the parents. Do you have a special verse or passage in the Bible that guides your life and the work that you are doing? (This can also be restricted to be: Can you share your Confirmation verses with us?)

Renate: Ps 86,11 Weise mir Herr deinen Weg, dass ich wandle in deiner Wahrheit; erhalte mein Herz bei dem einen, dass ich deinen Namen fürchte.

It is my confirmation verse…but is spot on for my life ever since my confirmation back in 1999.

Dr. Hiestermann: My confirmation verse is Nahum 1,7: Der Herr ist gütig und eine Feste in der Zeit der Not, und kennt die, die auf ihn trauen.